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Art and Life - My Recorded Journey!

They say an artist's work reflects their life. Many travels have provided valuable opportunities to capture my favourite subjects. So yes, one could say, much of my life has been recorded in one media or another, and by one subject or another.

More or less a traditionalist so I mostly paint and teach traditional subjects.

That said, a love of colour makes abstract compositions tempting and not completely off limits yet.

My next artistic adventure is taking me into the world of mixed media...I will be working with paint, canvas, clay, textures, exotic fabrics, beads and fibres...stay tuned as I explore this artform and share the excitement with you.



Most of my work starts with a photograph. In terms of composition, that part usually begins when I look through my camera lens. I seek out my subjects positioning them in the composition based on the simple rule of thirds. I then take what ever liberties I need to describe them in my own way. How they are rendered regarding style depends on my mood at the time.

Memories - Acrylic by Neadeen Masters

Memories - Painted for and showcased at the 2010 World Equestrian Games 2010 Lexington KY

Paint With Sincerity...

My personal style is constantly evolving, and because I've spent most of my career teaching, it's hard to say when and if one signature style will ever emerge...it might never, so I'll just keep doing what I've been doing...one thing for sure, I do believe I paint with sincerity and of this I am happy!

An Artist's Point of View by Neadeen Masters

An Artist's Point of View - 2006

Color, atmosphere, light and texture are most important...Rendering each of these in a realistic manner is always my goal.

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Rain Forest Floor - Acrylic by Neadeen Masters

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